Chakra Collaboration with Alex and Ani & Live Painting for the First Time!

I had a BLAST collaborating with Alex and Ani this month for the launch of their Chakra collection - the team at A&A did such a great job and I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with them. 

 It was super cool for two reasons: 

1. I got to create an original piece of art inspired by the heart chakra, Anahata.  I mean....I love everything about India SO to be given this challenge...let's just say I was on cloud 9 and shamelessly abandoned all responsibilities to throw myself into this painting!   My final piece incorporated imagery and symbolism of the heart chakra as well as exploring the concept of connectivity of all living things. 

2.  I did live painting for the first time.  EEEEEKK!  I was freaking out you guys.  FREAKING OUT.  But I had just seen something from Mel Robbins that basically said if you aren't getting nervous at least three times a week then you aren't trying hard enough.  So while there were a shit ton of reasons I could have turned it down (did I mention I had less than a week to prepare?), I just sucked it up and pushed through.  So glad I did!  I had fun and I actually enjoyed the energy of painting in a roomful of people who where watching me but not really.  Plus I got to talk to people.  I really like talking and as much as I love being an artist and having a studio.....I do miss getting to chat all day long with my frands.  :)  

Enjoy pictures from the event below as well as the final piece of art.  If you are local to Central Florida, you can see it hanging at Alex and Ani on Park Avenue through the month of September!  This piece is available for sale.  If you are interested in owning this chakra inspired artwork, then shoot me an email at  

Nina Ramos