I Went Viral on Etsy and Here's What I Learned...

Picture it:  A normal Saturday morning en la casa.  I'm leisurely drinking my coffee and getting my paint palette ready for my morning painting session.

When all of a sudden, my phone starts blowing up with Etsy notifications.  I start hearing the little "cha-ching" noise from Etsy that alerts you to a new sale...multiple times in a row.  What the heck!?  I grab my phone and start looking through my shop stats and discover that I got featured on the Etsy blog and newsletter that had just gone out.  (Link to article below). 

By the end of the day, I had made 20 sales.  That's including paintings that I had raced around the house photographing and uploading to my Etsy shop that day.   It was freaking magical.  All of you emerging artists out there know just how magical this is!  Over the next couple of days, I had several more sales, 24 total, and I was pretty much sold out.  

The next few days were a blur.  I was on cloud nine and trying to make lists of what the heck I needed to buy to prepare for all these shipments.  Thankfully I have a great courier who helped me order the necessary supplies, etc.   I'm happy to report that all paintings reached their final destinations safely with only 2 snafus that I was able to figure out to a happy resolution for all. *Happy Dance* 

Now that it's all behind me, I've been thinking a lot about what happened and HOW I got so lucky to get a feature in the blog.  I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't necessarily luck because prior to the feature, I had been working really hard to research Etsy SEO and visibility on that platform.  I had started adding new work strategically with great photos and SEO best practices in mind.  I had also been working hard on my art practice, getting up every morning to develop new work and challenge myself.   It was one of my new paintings that got featured. 

So I feel very grateful to the folks at Etsy for helping me with that amazing feature and I also feel validated to a certain degree...like I'm doing the right things to make this work.  I'm very grateful that it happened when it did.   You see, I have been working really hard on my business but the sales were slow and I was starting to get discouraged.  I was second guessing what I was doing and if it was going to work out.  While this Etsy experience was a one off, it did teach me that if you put the effort in and hustle...good things happen.  #grateful #theuniversehasmyback #dothework 

Etsy Tips for Artists

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Etsy Article

Read the original Etsy blog feature here! 

Nina Ramos