Welcome Friends!

I’m Nina, an abstract impressionistic painter based in Central Florida.  

My work is a influenced heavily by the colors, energies, textures and emotions in my life.  I paint in a colorful, abstract style. I’m not as concerned with capturing the subject matter exactly as you see it, but instead, I focus on capturing feeling and meaning. Painting brings me peace, joy, freedom and, for me, it is an opportunity to celebrate beauty in the world around us. My deepest wish is to be able to convey those feelings to to you, offering a moment of happiness, a feeling of belonging and a sense of self.

I owe my love of composing colorful art to my vibrant Spanish family and upbringing.  Growing up, I was surrounded by vibrant artwork, richly textured serape blankets, and painted terracotta pottery from Mexico. I carry those memories with me, and combine them with the inspiration that surrounds me in my daily life, in my travels and in my own imagination.

 Currently, I paint in my home studio where I live with my handsome husband and my adorable dog, Dash. I am enjoying living in the south where people are truly gracious and friendly, the weather is warm, and natural inspiration is everywhere!



My Story…

As a child, my happy place was the kitchen table surrounded by sheets of white computer paper, crayons, markers, pencils, and anything else I could find in the kitchen junk drawer. I would happily sit for hours creating stories in my head and illustrating them page by page.

Now that I think about it, not much has changed. My happy place is still my art studio with my imagination and ideas as my companions!

As an adult, I put art aside for many years while I successfully nurtured a 16 year career in Digital Marketing.

Inevitably, I found my way back to art. At first, it was my therapy. The only thing that would calm the job stress and allow my brain to rest. I fell in love with it, again.

Naturally curious and becoming increasingly passionate about my art practice, I explored the art world in earnest.

I followed artists I admired on Instagram. One night, after a particularly horrendous day at work, I booked a solo art retreat to Portland Oregon on a whim.

The universe was looking out for me that night.

I met SO MANY creative, inspiring, entrepreneurial, and ambitious women courageously living life on their own terms. The four days spent painting in that sunny Portland studio changed me forever.

That retreat opened my mind and a seed was planted. My mind opened up to new possibilities and the following thoughts played over and over again, "Why couldn't I build a life where art had a more prominent role" and also “If they can do it, then SO CAN I.”

It took me about 2 years from that point to save, prepare and finally take the leap of faith, but I'm so proud to tell you that I DID IT! I believe everything happens for a reason, and so, I'm not sorry that it took me so long to get to this point. During my journey in the business world, I learned many valuable skills that will serve me well as I embark on the next chapter!

I officially launched my creative practice in 2018 and life is good!! I have so enjoyed connecting with collectors and other creatives online. I’ve partnered with brands including Alex and Ani, I went viral on Etsy and sold out of all of my original paintings in one day, I have signed several licensing contracts, and my work has been featured in blogs and magazines.

I have many goals and aspirations for my art practice and my creative business. Growth is quiet, slow and steady. If you would like to follow along on the journey, make sure to follow me on social media, @ninaramosart, or sign up for my newsletter.

To view my available work, visit my shop.

Interested in wholesale or licensing? contact me, I love collaborating with well-aligned brands.

"You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down."

-Toni Morrison