Mini Painting Challenge!

I paint large almost exclusively. I feel most free when I have tons of space to use my whole body to go nuts, splash paint around and put ENERGY into all my paint strokes. However, I’m throwing myself outside of my comfort zone for the next few weeks and painting a series of wild bloom minis!

It all started during a trip to Micheals to get one thing. Despite my vow not to walk out with a bunch of crap I don’t need, I was lured to the canvas aisle by sale signs, “Buy One Get Two Free!”. Long story short, I got sucked in and bought the sale canvases which were teeny little 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas packs. They were just so square and sturdy looking...I couldn’t help myself.

If nothing else, I knew I could use them to do floral studies. I like to do sketches of different species of flowers and play with designs for my large floral abstracts. But, once I started playing around, I realized I was loving them and having a blast.

Who knew? I love painting really large canvases and really small canvases. No middle ground here!

So, if you are so inclined, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I embark on this daily painting challenge! I’ll be painting one mini a day for the next few weeks or until I run out of small canvases. They will be posted in my website shop for sale - I have already sold a few. My clients say they make great Christmas gifts…to treat yourself or the art lover in your circle!

Nina Ramos