Hecho en Mexico 16x20

Hecho en Mexico 16x20


As a Latina, I tend to paint women who look like me as I draw on my own experiences in my imagery.   It’s a subject matter I go back to again and again.  

I love capturing women who have stopped for a moment in time to think, to breathe or to just BE.  As women, take on so much because we love to take care of our loved ones and we sometimes neglect taking care of ourselves.   It’s easy to get caught on the treadmill of life and just keep going mindlessly because of all the things we “HAVE” to get done and all of our responsibilities.  

But.  It’s so important to take the time to PAUSE and REFLECT.  I know for me it was life changing when I stopped and took the time to stop focusing on the “shoulds” and start thinking about the “what ifs”. 

So I paint women who are taking the time to pause.  I like to imagine what they are wishing and hoping for….when you look at her, can you see yourself? 

Details: 16x20 mixed media painting on canvas paper. Signed and sealed.

Framing: If you would like to have this piece professionally framed, please email me separately for pricing.

Shipping: Free shipping in the US. International orders will be invoiced separately for shipping.

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