Connected 24x30

Connected 24x30


I visited Zion National Park in September…Wow, I fell in love with Utah. There was something so visceral about having my two feet on the ground connected to the natural splendor of red mountains, blue skies, green trees, sparkling waterfalls.  It took my breath away.  We hiked mostly in silence just breathing in fresh air, feeling the sun on our faces and soaking up Zion.    I felt inspired to capture the feeling of that day in Utah with this painting. 

24x30, Acrylic Mixed Media on Unstretched Canvas, Sealed and Signed


Free Shipping in the US. International buyers please contact directly for a shipping quote. This painting will be shipped rolled in a tube. You can frame it, take it to a good framer to re-stretch the canvas for you, or if you are really handy, you could do it yourself.

If you would like for me to ship this painting to you on the stretcher bars and ready to hang, please reach out to me directly to coordinate. This method will incur additional fees for shipping which will be invoiced after the sale.

This painting will be carefully varnished and packaged with care. I will send it to you as soon as it is dry enough package, and ship. Paintings typically ship within 14 days.

Framing:  If you would like your artwork delivered to you framed and ready to hang, contact me directly. 

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