Commission a Painting!

Let's create a piece of art that celebrates your unique style!

I know how important it is to have the perfect piece of art to complement your home.

Developing a custom piece of artwork for a collector is a wonderful experience. The completed artwork brings happiness and a sense of personality to your home that you feel each time you walk by.

It brings joy because it represents you and your family so fully, it’s a story that you can share with guests, and eventually an heirloom to hand down to generations to come.

It’s a piece of art that will tell the story of YOU. 

Ready to get started? Contact me to discuss your custom painting!

I paint in a loose, colorful, abstract style; specializing in florals, landscapes, and figurative abstracts. I’m not as concerned with capturing the subject matter exactly as you see it, but instead, I focus on capturing the feeling and meaning behind the subject matter. You’ll love the way my bold colors, textures, and composition capture the concept so meaningfully

I currently accept only 3 commissions per quarter. Commissions are priced based on size, materials, and hours needed to complete the project.

Ready to Get Started?

Please send me a message. Once I have the details, I will get in touch with you to discuss your unique project!