Let's Talk About Accountability

I recently bought a copy of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" and started reading it.   

 In "The ARtist's Way" it's recommended that you do two things regularly - Morning Pages and the Artist's Date.  (I don't even know if I need to read any more of the book, because I'm so in love with both of these exercises.   If you don't know what they are - here's a quick explanation to read, then come back and finish reading. ) 

I started doing morning pages instantly because I love to journal and I loved that she gave me permission (yes, silly) to just do a stream of consciousness on the pages. I didn't have to make sense..in fact, I'm not even supposed to look at what I wrote.   For a person like me,  who is always going 2000 miles a minute in my head,  jumping from topic to topic, freaking out about everything .. this is just magical.   

I've found this process to be really interesting for so many reasons.  One is that I am seeing certain things come out that I've always kind of known, but once they are on paper you start to take notice and really get to know yourself better!  

A topic that has shown up in my morning pages is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Since I have started pursuing my art business, I've made some really special artists online who I now consider friends.  One in particular, Volta @colorsnack,  is very similar to me in that she loves projects, pushing herself, she is very driven, and she loves accountability (and tacos).  We both have full-time jobs and have to mindfully carve out time for art daily.  We decided to hold each other accountable to putting our art practice first and get up at 6am daily to dedicate to our studio practice.  We text each other daily and send pictures of what we are working on..it's so awesome. 

What struck me as interesting about this is that I've been trying to drag my ass out of bed at 6am for months to get in a few hours of painting in before I have to start working.  I could never do it consistently.  I would just snooze the morning away and then beat myself up all day for being a lazy butt and secretly fear that I'm never going to be committed enough to having an art career (yes I can go from 0 -100 in seconds in my head).   However, once my accountability partner was added into the equation, I just jumped out of bed each morning eager to start and cheer her on and enjoy my quiet, early morning studio time...with my friend.    I had to ask myself, "why weren't you this motivated on your own?  why did you need someone else to help you achieve this goal?".   I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't accountable to myself; that I needed another person in the equation to achieve a goal.    

Being me, I decided to research it a bit and found that I'm not alone.   Getting an accountability partner, ESPECIALLY for solo entrepreneurs, is very helpful in helping many get on track, stay on track and achieve your goals!  I've linked some of the articles I read in my research below.  I like that the article by Classy Career Girl also discusses building up the self discipline to hold yourself accountable without needing another person.  I'll get there, but for now I'm grateful for my pal, Volta @colorsnack, for her support and for helping me drag my butt out of bed daily to paint. 

Do you struggle with staying motivated to achieve your goals?   Think about getting yourself an accountability partner - I'm a huge advocate obviously because it works and its fun.  Also, join us!  Volta and I have started a hashtag, #6oclockartclub, for all of us hustling before the sun comes up (or after it goes down) to make our dreams come true by sacrificing sleep or whatever is needed!  Post your photo of you doing the work and use the hashtag so we can all support each other.

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